Cisco PBX Dubai

Cisco is recognized as the global leader in manufacturing networking devices. They also excel in developing reliable telephony solutions of the customers. With their innovative approach to the IP telephony systems, they become the most trusted brands in this industry. Every organization must need a reliable telephony solution to fulfill tier day-to-day communication needs. Most of the SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) are often struggle with the cost of traditional telephone systems. Here you can make use of the CISCO PBX systems.

Cisco Pbx Dubai

What is a PBX System?

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) System is used to set up a private telephone network in an organization. With the use of a PBX system a company can communication within their organization and the outside world via varied communication channels like ISDN, VoIP or Analog. Depending on the PBX system you have, you can connect more CISCO IP Phones to enjoy free communication among employees. Most of the PBX manufacturers assure that they offer IP PBX systems, But the truth is most of the products available on market is Hybrid PBX Systems. Cisco is the most trusted brand who delivers pure IP PBX systems.

What is the need for an IP PBX System?

A centralized communication channel is essential for growth of any business. Without proper communication, it is hard to reach the leap of success. This is why you need your own reliable telephone network to communication within and outside of your business environment. Cisco small business PBX systems are becoming more popular today.  Most of the organizations are still depending upon conventional PBX system. It was good, however now you have a better system. Traditional PBX systems are used to connect and route the external as well as internal calls between users. It is capable to manage multiple lines. These kinds of PBX systems require two networks, one for Data and other for voice communications. It is often difficult to manage such a system. But with this IP PBX systems, you only need single IP Network cable to transfer both voice and data. VoIP based PBX systems are the game changer in this industry. Cisco PBX systems is a great choice if you are planning to have your own IP PBX System.

More features to your IP PBX system with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

Cisco also offers the unified communication manager express to enrich the features of an IP PBX system. Cisco IP PBX systems support all the features of traditional IP PBX system and with the support of Cisco unified communication manager express it will get more powered with advanced features and controls.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express:

  • Automatic call forwarding of incoming calls to other phones based on your specifications
  • Simple installation and administration with the help of an instinctive interface
  • Manage complete communication solution in a single appliance which is full-featured, highly reliable and low cost
  • Ability to scale the system as your business grows

With the innovative VoIP communication technology, you can get the features like voicemail, Caller ID, Call forwarding, Call conferencing and more for free of charge. Enjoy all these with Cisco PBX systems in Dubai, UAE

Choosing A Cisco distributor in Dubai, UAE

Your search for a reliable telephony solution provider ends here. We are an experienced telephone system provider based out of UAE. We have been delivering Cisco IP PBX system all over the UAE for many years. We also provide complete telephone system installation services along with the sales and support. When it comes to product selection we always recommend a most reliable brand based on our experience. As the global leader in networking products, cisco is always delivering quality products. Their innovations can really save you more money that you are about to spend on additional features. Contact us to explore more about IP PBX systems and get it installed at your workplace. Our service area spanned across all over the UAE including the emirates of Sharjah, Umm Al-Quwain, Dubai, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah and Abu Dhabi.