VoIP Gateways Dubai

Having an effective communication system can always be beneficial for your company. Many organizations have started to adapt to the latest technologies to meet their communication requirement. Telephony systems have helped so many organizations to acquire their potential clients as well as projects. In any private telecommunication systems, it is necessary to have devices like IP Phones, VoIP Gateways, IP PBX Systems, etc.…

Are you still using the legacy telephone system for your business communications?

It’s time for a change. Traditional telephone systems are best known for delivering high-quality audio in communication. The disadvantage of this system is its higher cost. Organizations might have their other offices in different cities or in different countries also. In that case, the communication between the other branches is a usual thing. It will cost you more money if the other office is located in another country. But with the help of VoIP-based telephone systems, you can cut down the telecommunication cost to very low level. You only need to pay for your internet connection as you normally do. Using the VoIP gateway, you can accept external calls as well as internal calls with minimal cost.

What is the functionality of VoIP Gateway?

VoIP gateway can be an ambiguous representation to different types of gateways used within an office telephony systems. The Digital VoIP Gateways are used to convert TDM (Time-division multiplexing) telephony traffic from the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) into digital IP packets for sending over the local network. A VoIP gateway works by transmitting communications from an IP address to a traditional telephone system or from IP address to IP address. These devices can help you with accessing the legacy telephone system along with the internal telephone network that you have already created with the help of an IP PBX System. There are various brands manufacturing VoIP Gateways.  Some of them are Sangoma, Yeastar, Grandstream and Digium.

VoIP Gateways Dubai

Different Types of VoIP Gateways

The term VoIP gateway can be represented for many devices. As it is a general term.  Here are different types of VoIP Gateways:

  • Analog Gateways
    • FXO Gateway: For PSTN connectivity
    • FXS Gateway: For connecting traditional telephones
  • Digital Gateway: For T1/E1/BRI connectivity

The installation of the VoIP Gateways is not easy as many people think. if you are not confident in your tech skills, it is recommended to purchase these products from a supplier who offers installation along with good tech support. In that way, you can be free from the complex installation procedure and you can enjoy the whole benefits of a VoIP gateway.

Choosing the Right VoIP Solution Provider

There are lots of companies manufacturing various types of VoIP gateways. If you want to choose the right product based on your requirement, then it is best to approach an experienced telephony solution provider in UAE. We have been delivering complete office telephony solutions including IP PBX Systems, IP Phones, VoIP gateways, Expansion Modules, … With our expertise in this field, we can guarantee you the most cost-effective Telephony solution that you can get in the UAE. Our services area spanned across all over the UAE including the emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al-Khaimah, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah and Abu Dhabi.

Here are the VoIP Gateways from leading brands:




NeoGate TE100 is a One port PRI Gateway support E1/T1/J1. Neogate TE100 PRI /ISDN Gateway supports 30 concurrent calls and designed for quick connection between PRI and VOIP Telephony system.SIP Trunking feature allow you to connect office telephone system with local service providers.

  • Software configurable E1/T1/J1 ports
  • Support PRI, MFC R2, SS7, E&M
  • Easy-to-navigate GUI
  • Cost-effective call routing
  • Simple installation and management
  • Interoperable with Elastix and Lync Server
  • Compatible with various ISDN PBX, IP-PBX, and softswitch
  • Low power consumption for your green office

Sangoma Analog Gateway 8FXO- Vega50

Sangoma Analog Gateway 8FX0

The Sangoma Vega 50 VS0118  FXO gateway has proven interoperability with a wide range of existing telecommunications & VoIP equipment. Sangoma Vega 50 Media Gateways connect a range of legacy telephony equipment &  PSTN to IP networks.

Sangoma Vega 100G

Sangoma Vega-100G PRI Gateway

Sangoma Vega-100G PRI Gateway

The Vega 100 VoIP gateway connects digital telephony equipment to IP networks. Each unit comes configured with capacity for 30 simultaneous calls. This unit cannot be expanded beyond 30 simultaneous calls.The Sangoma Vega 100G is a 1 T1/E1 digital gateway that can be used to bridge PSTN to an IP PBX, SIP to a legacy analog PBX, or migrate from a legacy PBX to an IP PBX without installing a Sangoma T1 card into your server.