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Improvement in the communication infrastructure is a necessity in the modern age. Phone systems are a key element in making the business a success and is a primary bridge to develop and maintain a good relationship with the customers. Now the communication has become feasible and sophisticated with the introduction of VOIP technology, it changed the way the business communicates and interacts. With the progress in technology, the traditional phone systems are becoming obsolete and IP PBX systems seem to take place of traditional systems. Accepting IP PBX systems bring many advantages to the business in terms of productivity and cost savings. If you choose to implement or upgrade your telephone system for your business in Dubai, you can consult with a leading IP Telephony provider in UAE. They help you to get the system done with the industry leading IP PBX systems.

Yeastar Mypbx IP Pbx System

Upgrade the telephone systems with Yeastar MyPBX system Dubai

Yeastar is the leading manufacturer of communication systems including VOIP gateways and IP-PBX systems. Its communication systems cater solutions to a multitude of business communication needs and is effective in delivering solutions cost effectively. We are counted as a primary service provider in Dubai, who implement telephone systems with Yeastar MyPBX systems Dubai. We design, deploys and offer solutions with the varied models of Yeastar IP PBX systems Dubai to a variety of industries. Our solutions bring benefits to the business, it provides greater communication flexibility and scalability and drop down the communication costs drastically. The requirement of your business communication goals can be clearly messaged through the various IP solutions. With the wide experience in the realm of IP-based communication over the years, we are termed as the leading IP telephony solution provider in Dubai, UAE. Here we look at some of the IP systems that fall in the category of Yeastar MyPBX system Dubai. Yeastar IP phone system comprises of MyPBX SOHO, MyPBX U100, MyPBX U200 and MyPBX U5 Series.

Here are some of the features that Yeastar telephone systems bring to the business:

  • Yeastar MyPBX SOHO: If your office has less than 32 staffs, then this system is perfect for you. With the ISDN BRI and PSTN connectivity it offers a wonderful cost effective solutions to your business. Extra telephony circuits can be added. Some of the features include the basic call handling features, sophisticated IP PBX features, good design with the friendly user interface, easy management, environment-friendly and it has brilliant inter-operability.
  • Yeastar MyPBX U100: This rack mount model IP PBX system is ideal for the office that has up to 100 users. It supports for the PSTN, VOIP, ISDN BRI, and GSM/CDMA connectivity. Along with this, it provides flexibility, scalability and reliability. It has the features of support up to 100 users and 25 concurrent calls, call handling features, Advanced IP PBX options, easy management, low power consumption, multi-language support, eco-friendly and great interoperability with the leading IP phones such as CISCO, Panasonic, Snom, Polycom, Yealink and more. It is compatible with the Open source platforms like the asterisk, 3CX, FreePBX and more.
  • Yeastar MyPBX U200: As the model number suggests, this system is capable to support 200 users and 50 simultaneous calls. Like the previous ones, it also supports the ISDN BRI and PSTN connectivity. Because of the unparalleled features that the system has to offer, this will be a wonderful solution for your business. Like the previous model features it has the leading IP PBX functionalities, call handling features, good design with the user interface, various network connectivity options, support to multiple languages, low power consumption, good interoperability with the leading IP phones and open source platforms and so.
  • Yeastar MyPBX U5 Series; this series consists of the models U500/U510/U520 that have been designed to support 500 users and 80 concurrent calls. It delivers 16 phone ports and provides scalability, cost saving, and comprehensive management solutions for medium to large enterprises. Like the previous model features it has the leading IP PBX functionalities, call handling features, good design with the user interface, various network connectivity options, support to multiple languages, low power consumption, good interoperability with the leading IP phones and open source platforms and so.




Yeastar Mypbx


Yeastar Features

Moving with the leader in Telephone system Dubai 

With all these options and functionalities, Yeastar MyPBX system is simply the system you are looking for your communication infrastructure. As being a prominent Yeastar distributor in Dubai, we have the in-depth knowledge of creating refined telephone system according to your business needs. Sticking to the basic standards and guidelines we help you to generate the systems you always have wanted. Whether you need to upgrade your existing infrastructure or to build a new communication system within the organization, we have the answer for all your communication needs with the Yeastar IP-PBX series. With the advanced technology, the solutions we render is much appreciated by the industries across UAE. It is no surprise we have been emerged as a prominent telecom provider in the region of UAE. From designing to installation, the responsibility to build a faultless system is contained with us. With a clear-cut approach, we really recognize your business need in detail and chalk out a plan on how to implement an ultimate solution that serve your need in a comfortable way.

Yeastar MyPBX PBX Systems:

Yeastar Mypbx Soho

Yeastar Mypbx Soho

Yeastar Mypbx Soho

Yeastar Mypbx Soho is Ideal for small offices and businesses with fewer than 32 users, MyPBX SOHO is an affordable, yet fully-featured embedded hybrid IP PBX with ISDN BRI and PSTN connectivity, providing a cost-effective solution for your business.

Mypbx Standard

Yeastar Mypbx Standard

Yeastar Mypbx Standard

Yeastar MyPBX Standard is a PBX for SMB enterprises and branch offices of large companies. The device is able to handle from 2 to 100 members. MyPBX is a combination of traditional telephony and VoIP solutions, ideal for businesses that are not yet ready to completely migrate this IP world. Try it now and enjoy the benefits of the IP world.

Mypbx U100

Yeastar Mypbx U100

Yeastar MyPbx U100

The Yeastar myPBX U100 is a medium-PBX with extensive possibilities. It has the ability to  message queues, voicemail on extensions, conference rooms and create menus / IVRS. All through a user friendly web interface. In addition, the telephone has the standard features such as follow-me, call forwarding, call waiting function, DND, T.38 support, etc. Also, the has  a firewall and WAN port that can be  connect directly with Internet. By default, the telephone designed for use with SIP trunks and VoIP phones. If you have  analog CO lines, analog telephones or ISDN lines it can be use   by means of plug-in modules.


Yeastar MyPbx U500

Yeastar MyPbx U500 IP Pbx

Yeastar MyPBX U500 features 16 telephone ports to the PSTN, ISDN BRI connections and GSM / UMTS. Supports up to 80 simultaneous calls and up to 500 users. The combination of traditional network enables the company to protect its previous investments, while taking advantage of cost savings and a full set of VoIP.

Yeastar Mypbx U510

Yeastar MyPbx U510 Pbx System

Yeastar MyPbx U510 Pbx System

Yeastar MyPBX U510 is an enterprise-class solution designed for offices up to 500 users, supports up to 80 simultaneous connections. It has 1 port PRI (E1 / T1 / J1) and 16 telephone ports for PSTN, ISDN BRI connections and GSM / UMTS.U510 in conjunction with VoIP and traditional phone lines provides scalability, high availability, cost savings.

Yeastar U520

Yeastar Mypbx U520

Yeastar Mypbx U520

MyPBX U520 comes with 2 built-in ports E1 / T1 / J1 and 16 telephone ports that allow different combinations of FXS, FXO, GSM, UMTS, ISDN BRI. Supports up to 80 simultaneous connections. It is ideal for companies up to 500 users. Model U520 combines VoIP with the traditional telephone line with scalability, high connectivity cost savings, high reliability and simplified operation and maintenance of the system.


Yeastar U200 IP Pbx

Yeastar U200 IP PBX System

Yeastar MyPBX U200  IP Pbx System designed for companies that require up to 50 simultaneous calls and 200 users.Mypbx U200 Supports PSTN, ISDN BRI lines, GSM / UMTS and VoIP. In addition, U200, is equipped with audio input and output. MyPBX U200 is t based on features , value & stability.