Wireless SIP Phones

What keeps the business from reproducing the success of their counterparts?  Is it the denial of accepting advanced communication technology or something else? The study points to the fact that in this technologically progressed world, it is important to update the communication set up with the latest technology. If you take a look at the recent development, the reason for great success is the VOIP technology. A major transformation has happened in the way the business communicate – it reduces the communication costs drastically, bring the business closer, enhance productivity and profitability, and make the communication transparent and flexible and so. Due to a multitude of benefits, enterprises across the world are embracing the change by replacing the standard telephone technology with the VOIP. Making a shift from the standard technology seems quite cumbersome for many businesses, but to stay competitive you certainly need the change. The choice of phone solution, if it is wired or wireless is purely reliant on the business requirement. However, If you are looking for the wireless phone system for your business in Dubai, it is best to create wireless systems enriched with the DECT technology. A good and reliable IP telephony provider in Dubai will provide you the best solution that makes your business stand out.

SIP Dect phones Dubai

Connectivity is important when it comes to business communication

Office PBX Dubai is proficient in delivering communication solution using Wireless SIP-Dect phones Dubai. Your business truly get the best solution that produces many benefits. With us what you get is

  • Can save on Branch office costs
  • Able to use your converged network
  • Cost effective solution with the leading cordless SIP-Dect phones
  • High-quality voice delivery

When it comes to the communication solution, we are the best in UAE. All of our wireless SIP Phones are SIP compliant and are good to use with most of the popular VoIP Phone Systems on the market. Whether you are looking for wireless phones for your home, office, factory or warehouse we have a Wireless IP Phone to meet your needs and budget.

Go wireless with the SIP-Dect Phones Dubai

Walk around your office while engaging with other activities within. To complete your communication goals we deal with wide range of Dect phones such as the Grandstream Dect phones, Snom Dect phones, Yealink Dect phones, Panasonic Dect phones and RTX Dect phones. Dect technology allows you to travel within a certain limit of distance outdoor and indoor. As a wireless phone distributor in Dubai, we offer solutions in conjunction with the popular IP phones in UAE.

The highlights of some of the systems we involve with

  • Grandstream Dect phones: So if you have decided to get a VOIP cordless based systems, it is worth investing in the Grandstream Dect phones. Grandstream is reckoned as the leading player in the domain of IP telephony solutions for many years. The wide acceptance of its products literally is surprising many businesses to be more productive than ever before. Grandstream DP720 DECT cordless phones are the wonderful choice that allow users to organize the communication in an effective way. It can be best utilized in the business environment, warehouses, retail stores and all. Contact us to know more about Grandstream phones Dubai.
  • Yealink Dect phones: The Dect phone systems from Yealink is a solution to have a smoother communication for on the go workers across small and medium industries. The Yealink Wireless Dect phones have the features such as the high-quality HD sound, caller ID display, support for simultaneous calls, switching between calls and other advanced calling features plus other functionalities. Contact us to know more about Yealink phones Dubai.
  • Snom Dect Phones: Snom Dect phones are certainly worth for the investment. Snom Dect solution is powerful that covers the business communication effectively. Due to its advanced features the Snom Dect phones are considered as the best wireless SIP-Dect phones in Dubai. Contact us to know more about Snom phones Dubai.
  • Panasonic Dect phones Dubai: Choosing a Dect phone is not a dull task with so many cordless systems available in the market. Panasonic cordless DECT phone solutions could be the best answer to keep your concerns at bay. Offering various levels of wireless solutions based on DECT wireless technology, the Panasonic DECT solutions sets your business in the progressive track. Contact us to know more about Panasonic phones Dubai.

Good solutions for a better future

If you think now is the right time to reorganize the communication set up with the IP systems and solutions, we have ideal solutions for you with the leading systems in the market. Be it for implementing Wireless Dect phones, or telephone systems across UAE we are at your disposal always. As a wireless Dect phone distributor in Dubai, you can depend on us for to get the best wireless solution in UAE. We plan, design and implement communication infrastructure that takes your enterprises to next level. Our services are available in the emirates of Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain as well. Contact us to know more on IP solutions and systems in Dubai.

Here are some awesome SIP-DECT Phones:


Yealink Dect Repeater RT10

Yealink RT10 Dect Repeater

Yealink DECT Repeater is designed to extend a DECT phone Yealink W52P. Application RT10 increases limited range and improves reception in remote areas call the office.


Yealink W52H Dect Phone

Yealink W52H Dect Phone

The Yealink SIP-W52H cordless units allow you to extend the numbers of users whilst providing increased flexibility and scalability when used in conjunction with the SIP-W52P handset and base station.

Yealink w52P

Yealink W52P HD IP Dect Phone

Yealink W52P HD IP Dect Phone

Yealink W52P is a SIP Cordless Phone System designed for small business and SoHo who are looking for immediate cost saving but scalable SIP-based mobile communications system.Combining  the benefits of wireless communication with rich business features of Voice over IP telephony, User can benefit from freedom of movement, lifelike voice communications, multi-tasking convenience, professional features like intercom, transfer, call forward, 3-way conferencing, PoE etc. This system works with widely-known Broadsoft, Asterisk, 3CX and supports quick and easy configuration.