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Communication technology has brought the business closer. In today’s world, where the business needs a fast paced communication solution, it is required to implement advanced infrastructure. Phone systems being the backbone of any business, all you need is to upgrade your existing telephone system with the internet based technology (VOIP technology). With the gaining popularity of VOIP solutions, more and more businesses are making a shift to the IP based telephone systems – IP PBX. The ever increasing demand for the IP-based systems caused the communication majors to introduce advanced IP phones in the market. Depending on the requirements, business needs a varied type of IP phones that satisfy the communication goals. Business in the city, especially in Dubai, you need sophisticated IP phones that can satisfy your requirement. A good IP telephony provider in Dubai will help you to achieve the stated communication set up. Some of the benefits include reduced communication costs, flexible communication, can expand the line as the business grows and more. And with the advanced calling features, it’s no wonder the VOIP solution is the best.

Mocet IP Phones Dubai UAE

Get the best IP phones for your communications need

Advantages in implementing the modern system are many. If your business needs quality IP phones, it is wise to deploy Mocet IP Phones. Devoted to providing state of the art communication solutions, Mocet is known for its high brand value in the domain of communication systems. Mocet IP phones are the most trusted one in the industry where it delivers exceptional performance in terms of sound quality and other telephony features.

As a well-known IP telephony provider in UAE, we are skilled at providing solutions with the Mocet IP phones in Dubai. With the advanced features and options, these IP phones deliver wonderful results that the client expects. Additionally, the solutions with Mocet IP phones UAE bring productivity and efficiency to your business too. The range of phones comprises of SOHO IP phones, standard IP Deskphones, professional IP deskphones and smart office IP Deskphone.

Mocet SOHO IP phones: if you are looking for SOHO desktop IP phones then the Mocet IP3022/21A is a good solution. It has all the advanced features that the company requires. It is featured with high security and cutting-edge functionalities such as the instant messaging, support up to 3 simultaneous lines, support for PoE, Wide range of SIP services etc… Some of the other important features include

  • Interoperability with the platforms such as the Asterisk, free switch etc…
  • High-definition sound
  • 8 programmable keys
  • Support for VLAN
  • And more

Mocet Standard IP Deskphone series: These high-quality IP deskphones are smart and has the advanced features supporting IPv6, open VPN and the messaging capabilities. With the high capacitive touch sensitivity and good panel design, it looks innovative. Unlike the SOHO phones, Mocet standard IP Deskphone series support 4 simultaneous lines with up to 8 simultaneous calls. The phones come with the advanced calling features such as the conferencing (3-way on-phone conferencing), call transfer and receive using SIP protocols and various other functionalities. To explore the benefits of the Mocet Standard IP phone series you can contact us.

Other notable features include

  • Elegant design
  • Blue Green LCD display (128×32 pixels)
  • Support for 4 SIP lines
  • Interoperability with the platforms such as the Asterisk, free switch etc…

Mocet Professional IP deskphones: Like the previous versions of the IP phones, the professional IP phones have advanced features and are easy to use. With the high level of security, these phones support secured calling, instant messaging and so on. It supports up to 4 simultaneous lines and has 16 programmable keys. These keys can be configured through the built-in menus on the LCD or from the web interface. With the help of management protocols and other features, it can be automatically provisioned. They are interoperable with the leading open source platforms like the asterisk, Broadsoft and FreeSWITCH. In addition to these features, the Mocet professional IP phones have the large LCD display and high definition audio quality.

Mocet Smart Office IP Deskphone: These phones have been developed with the built-in powerful processors for the improved productivity. It supports music or video playback, IP surveillance, instant messaging and more. With the help of these phones, you can get access and control to XML-based apps running in the remote server. It support 6 lines and 24 simultaneous calls to fulfill the business users. It also supports the advanced calling features such as the call hold, call transfer, 3 way conferencing etc… Besides these functionalities, Mocet smart office IP deskphones offer many other features that are really worth to your expanding business.

Power your business with Mocet IP phones UAE

Dedicated to providing world class telephony solutions with the leading telephone systems in Dubai, we are the renowned partner to design and deploy telephone systems with the Mocet IP phones Dubai. We have years of industry experience that unite the communication strategies using the advanced IP systems. Besides delivering the best, our professionals are always updated with the latest buzz in the telephony industry. As such we are proud to be a reliable and trusted IP telephony provider in UAE plus our solutions are affordable to every kind of businesses. If your enterprise is in a great need to upgrade or implement new IP system in Dubai, you can simply reach us, and our representative will assist you in clearing your doubts over telephony systems and solutions in Dubai. We have our service functional in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ajman as well. Call us now to get the details of installation and the site visit.


Mocet IP Phone IP3032

Mocet IP3032 IP Phone is a easy to use high quality deskphone with many advanced features.It support TLS, SRTP,IPSEC & Instant messaging support.An attractive, simple to configure and use four line IP phone with some surprisingly advanced features, designed for HD acoustic, high definition audio, both the handset and speakerphone provide crystal clear wideband audio calling and conferencing.The IP-3032 series supports many advanced features including 3-way on-phone conferencing.

Mocet IP Phone IP3072

Mocet IP Phone IP3072

A programmable unified communications hub for your office, with an integrated multimedia coprocessor, the IP-3072 supports six lines of HD acoustics wideband audio, video and data processing on the desktop.The MOCET IP-3072 is an easy-to-use smart office IP telephone. It supports six lines and 24 call appearances to satisfy even the busiest users. Utilizing a next generation resistive touch 4.3″ LCD screen and capacitive sensitivity control panel design, the touch-based user interface simplifies even the most complicated calling features.

Mocet IP Phone IP3022

Mocet IP Phone IP3022

The MOCET IP-3022 is an easy-to-use high quality desk telephone with versatile advanced features including secure calling with trusted layer security (TLS), secure real-time transfer protocol (SRTP), IP security (IPsec) virtual private network (VPN) client, and instant messaging. Utilizing a next generation capacitive touch sensitivity panel design, the IP-3022 supports up to three simultaneous lines and can be positioned in two tilt angles and has a wall mount option as well as automatic support for power over Ethernet (PoE).

Mocet IPAD Communicator IP3092

Mocet IP Communicator

The IP Communicator (IP-3092) is an innovative accessory designed to provide a superior audio and video experience for iPad users when running popular Social Networking apps including FaceTime and Skype from the iTunes app store.The IP Communicator incorporates high definition (HD) acoustic technology with noise-suppression and echo cancellation through the integration of 3 high quality speakers and 2 microphones providing a superior experience for telephone calls, listening to music, and video conferencing, and you can play and work all day with the fast charger for your iPad and iPhone (or other mobile telephone).

Mocet IP Phone IP3062

Mocet IP Phone IP3062

Combining all the same features available on the less expensive IP-3032 with a larger LCD, more programmable buttons, and USB and e-SATA ports for adding accessories such as USB memory devices, keyboards, wireless network adapters and up to two programmable button expansion modules known as the IP-EDMX.tilizing a next generation capacitive touch sensitivity panel design, the IP-3062 series supports up to four simultaneous lines and can be positioned in multiple tilt angles.