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Communication has progressed much with the advent of VOIP technology. A greater shift has occurred in the communication set up since this technology extend many benefits to the enterprises. Many companies have experienced the increasing cost of long distance calls while they communicate with the international customers. To have this cost decreased means a great saving to the business. Here comes the importance of IP telephone systems (IP PBX). Moreover, IP telephone systems extend the option of adding more extension lines as your business expands. Along with these advantages, it offers plentiful calling features that give great freedom of communication. Therefore considering the multiple options and features it is better for your business in Dubai to move to VOIP based communication structure. It would be really beneficial for you to get in touch with an experienced IP telephony provider In Dubai. They can help you to build a perfect solution with the right kind of IP PBX systems.

Powering your business communication with Asterisk solutions Dubai

Office PBX Dubai has been building (custom) Telephony solutions based on the Asterisk Open Source PBX for several years. Communication is an important factor since the beginning of mankind. Direct contact with customers and the accessibility related always make new demands on a modern telecommunication system.

Our service in Dubai (including All over UAE):

  • We advise, plan, install, and configure Asterisk phone systems
  • We integrate Asterisk to traditional telephone and fax products
  • We offer different phones and ISDN cards for Asterisk
  • We set up mailboxes, language dialogues, music on hold, voicemail, conference calls and redirects
  • We configure statistical functions
  • Establishment of Web-based Messaging Center
  • We offer individual solutions
  • Maintenance and Professional Support

Asterisk is an open source-based software that covers all the functions of a traditional PBX. It supports Voice over IP SIP and IAX among others with the protocols. Asterisk supports voice services such as voice mail, conference calls, voice applications but also directory services. Speech recognition is possible by means of additional programs. The integration of Asterisk in the existing network infrastructure is simple and requires no special adjustments. The software can be run under the operating system GNU / Linux, * BSD and Mac OS X (OS X 10.2).

Asterisk Dubai

Explore the possibilities of open source application that gives many features that traditional telephony providers can’t. You will save money for equipment and support, and ultimately gain control of your phone system. With Asterisk, you can use flexible dialing plans, almost support all telephony applications that you need. Asterisk supports almost all major network protocols that are used in the world of telephony.

Asterisk is revolutionizing the telecommunications industry, which is largely due to the way in how Asterisk gets along with other network applications. While other PBX systems to fight against their inevitable integration into the network, Asterisk excited for it. If you need to take control of your telephony systems – especially when you consider switching to VoIP into account – then it’s time to team up with the future. Switch to Asterisk and see itself as the future of telecommunications looks.

Develop a great user engagement experience with the world best open source VOIP solution

It is a necessity for the business to create a healthful and fruitful relations with the clients. As communication a key player, businesses are looking for cost-effective communication set up that deliver proper results. In order to achieve proper results, a quality telephone system is essential to the enterprises. With proper solutions, your business will be able to achieve your communication goals and make the communication faster, reliable and transparent. Developing systems with Asterisk solutions Dubai are a good choice for your business. With the Asterisk powered solutions UAE, you never feel your business lacks proper communication system. If you are in a drive to enhance the set up you can contact us. We have our service functioning in other emirates as well including, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman.

You can use our free consultation for choosing the right product for your business. Our highly professional installation team can handle small to big Projects including Call center setup and sip trunk between multiple offices.