Cisco IP Phones

Business communication literally is transformed with the evolution of VOIP technology. In the evolving scenario, it becomes a necessity to upgrade enterprises with IP-based systems. The advantages of embracing VOIP based solutions are many, it makes the environment more productive, facilitate the communication in an effective way, helps to maintain the customer relationships healthier, reduce the telephone costs drastically and more. So, convinced by the benefits companies are increasingly upgrading the infrastructure with IP-based system replacing conventional phone systems.

Powering communication with Cisco IP phones Dubai

CISCO – based at America, is a global communication giant dedicated in the designing and manufacturing of telephone systems and networking products to the different requirements across industries. CISCO is very exceptional in bringing advanced solutions to the industry – combine with the modern technology, Cisco IP phones have the capacity to satisfy various communication requirements in a greater way. IP phones have a crucial role in bringing the communication closer. When you decide to have the best phone system for your business in Dubai, It is worth to invest with the leading telephony provider in UAE.

Cisco IP Phones Dubai

CISCO IP Phones Dubai

With the improved features and functionalities, CISCO’s IP systems are a perfect reply for the suffering communication sector. We are among the best IP telephony provider in UAE who has the answer to all communication solution with the Cisco IP systems. With the advanced VOIP technology, businesses are accepting IP communication system to improve communications.

  • Enhanced customer service:
  • Mobility
  • Reduce the telephone costs

Cisco has the collection of advanced IP phones that are designed to satisfy the business communication needs. With the Cisco IP phones Dubai, your business can relish full-featured VOIP communications in an affordable way. Additionally, it enhances the productivity and efficiency as well at the same time reducing the operating costs. It comprises the models Cisco IP phone 7800 series and Cisco IP phone 8800 Series and Cisco IP phone 6900 series.

The highlights of the models are

Cisco IP phone 7800 series:

  • It is ideal for employees who are involved with the administrative tasks
  • Affordable, full-featured VoIP for small to large business enterprises
  • It consists of the models supporting light-to-active voice communications needs
  • High quality sound with improved acoustics and wideband audio to avoid tiredness
  • Support to Cisco cloud and third party telephone systems

Cisco IP phone 8800 Series:

  • It is ideal for employees who are involved with the administrative tasks
  • High definition Video phone
  • Able to produce clear voice with the improved acoustics to enhance the productivity
  • Supports personal mobile device integration
  • Support to Cisco cloud and third party telephone systems

Cisco IP phone 6900 series provide the basic VOIP call experience. It is suitable for the hospitality and hotel kind of environments. With the support to desk and wall mounting options, it is a great system to use for elevators, guest rooms, lobbies etc…

All of the cisco IP phones Dubai have been designed for the improving the business communications. It provides a great user collaboration experience with great audio and video features. As well it is simple and cost effective administration.

Expanding your business communication system with Cisco IP phones Dubai

The benefits in using the CISCO phones are its state of the art features and functionalities. These phones are armed with smart features and are designed for the growing communication needs. Its software and hardware flexibility make these IP phones an incredible option for many businesses. Moreover, some of the CISCO series are able to be customized according to the customer requirements.

Cisco for your every need

Cisco family of IP phones, audio and video conferencing systems and the IP PBX systems enable businesses to get quick access to information, connectivity and individuals anywhere anytime. With the cutting edge functions and options, CISCO telephone system delivers the power, the business wants. CISCO is flexible in offering mobility solutions as well.

Telephony solution that is worth for your business

Office PBX has a long history of delivering flawless telephony solutions to the industries across UAE. Our experience has helped us to become one of indomitable force in the communication domain that helped many businesses to achieve their desired goals. Our experience extends to the industries such as the hotel, hospitality, financial sector, educational institutions and so. We have professionals who are skilled in designing and configuring Cisco Systems Dubai, therefore whenever a need to upgrade the systems arise, simply contact us, we get the best Cisco system for you in UAE. The service is available in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Fujairah and Ajman as well.