Polycom Conferencing Systems

Technology has made the business communication simple. It changed the way the business communicates to the world, plus it brought the business and people closer.The Introduction of internet technology (VOIP technology) has made the communication easy that allow business to reach a much wider audience. It enriched the business in a productive and efficient way. In this evolving scenario, it is vital for the business to introduce advanced channels to make the communication easier. Video conferencing is such a wonderful communication media, where the participants can have a face to face meeting like they are meeting in real. It helps the organizations to save a lot on the communication cost and transportation cost.

If you are looking for the best conferencing solution, it is good to pick quality conferencing systems. As a global leader in the communication technology, Office PBX Dubai is an expert in the communication vertical that creates video voice and content collaboration solution with Polycom Dubai.

Polycom Conferencing Systems Dubai

Take your business to new levels with Polycom conferencing system Dubai

Office PBX Dubai has the long tradition of delivering IP telephony solutions that satisfy business communication requirements in a greater way. We excel at designing and installing Video conferencing solution with the Polycom conferencing system Dubai. Polycom is widely acclaimed as the leading manufacturer of latest IP phones and conferencing systems. When it comes to the video conferencing solution, Polycom extends the choice to select systems for workspace need and business needs. Workspace is referred to as the working environment that are of different sizes and it comprises of a small office room, any room size, huddle room and optimized rooms. Polycom Conferencing Systems have been designed to satisfy all of the workspace requirements in an effective way.

At the same time, the conferencing solution varies depending on the size of business. In order to satisfy the requirement, Polycom Dubai has the solution. Polycom conferencing system extends the facility for collaborating and integrating with the teams everywhere. With the Polycom conferencing system Dubai, your conference meeting get a new dimension that brings enhanced collaborative experience to the participants. The participants feel that they are having the face to face meetings in person.

Get the real experience with Polycom HDX series Dubai

You must be precise in choosing the option for your business in Dubai. In such a fast moving city, it is a high necessity to implement an advanced system for a better communication infrastructure. Here comes the importance of Office PBX Dubai. We are highly potential to introduce latest systems for the evolving business needs. We know well, whatever be your conference requirement, the solution is available with Polycom Dubai. As a Polycom distributor in Dubai, we have the right conferencing solution with the Polycom series. Polycom HDX telepresence system or video conferencing system offers enhanced collaboration experience. Its utmost connectivity and the high content sharing options give the users to exchange data easily during the call.

Polycom HDX series – Gateway to your business success

No solution come better than the Polycom HDX series. It is designed to improve productivity among departments or your office teams. With Polycom HDX, collaborating and connecting among your colleagues is as easy. If your business is conducting a meeting with the members spread in other parts of a world, HDX is the solution that transforms your conferencing. Some of the reasons why Polycom HDX Dubai is the finest. The features tell:

  • It is highly flexible that deliver superb high definition communication.
  • It is good at utilizing the bandwidth using the H.264 compression technology
  • Embedded with Polycom ultimate High-definition technology for HD voice, HD Video and content
  • Eagle eye director allow members to have a truly in-person experience
  • Enhanced usability and simplicity
  • Smart pairing technology enable to use with the tab to manage video calls

Polycom HDX series comprises of Polycom HDX 9000 series, Polycom HDX 8000 series, Polycom HDX 7000 series, Polycom HDX 6000 series and Polycom HDX 4000 series.

Why Polycom video conferencing with the IP telephony leader in UAE?

Polycom conferencing system helps you to achieve low-cost conference calls at the same time improving productivity. Polycom Conferencing UAE presents the best of video and audio conferencing that enrich meetings. The solutions can be designed and organized in such a way to enhance participation widely. The systems can be arranged in board rooms, classrooms, large conference rooms, and other meeting rooms.

Believing in a set of well-guided principles, Office PBX Dubai takes your business to greater heights. As an experienced telephony provider in Dubai, we have the right solution with Polycom conferencing systems. Our area of service is not confined to Dubai only, we are available at other emirates as well including Ras-Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ajman as well. Get in touch with us to know more about the Polycom conferencing solutions in UAE.