Remote Office Connectivity Solution

Communication has become easier and less complicated with the progress in technology. It has developed to the stage that now the exchange of information is no more a costly affair. With the Introduction of VOIP technology many forms of communication systems have evolved over the years, now business has almost ditched the conventional telephone systems and accepted the IP-based solutions for their business communication such as the unified solutions, IP PBX telephone systems, enterprise mobility solutions etc… It also facilitates the office-to-office connectivity in a brilliant way. Given the advantages, business finds it beneficial in terms of productivity and cost effectiveness with the IP-based systems. Remote office connectivity solution brings many branches of a business much closer thus improving connectivity and productivity. It turns out to be a solution that helps enterprises in a great way and It is a blessing to the companies in the metros, particularly in Dubai. Getting the Remote office connectivity solution Dubai is not a tedious task with the Office PBX Dubai.

Branch Office Telephony Integration

How remote office connectivity solution will help your business connect?

Remote office connectivity solution helps your business to connect with the branch office located in other location. With this facility connecting a branch office employee is as simple as dialing an extension number. Some of the benefits of using the remote office connectivity helps you to

  • Enhance the connectivity thus saving money and time
  • Allow you to initiate calls outside company from your telephone system
  • Allowing you to connect all your branch office locations through one number
  • Make the international telephone calls cheaply

Getting the right solution for your business with Office PBX Dubai

Office PBX Dubai is brilliant in setting up the remote connectivity option to the industries across UAE. With the experience to delivering perfect telephone solutions in Dubai to the business, we are recognized the best among the IP telephony providers in Dubai. We involve only with the leading telephone systems in UAE to get the best solution according to your business requirement. Along with the telephony services we are adept at providing feasible remote office connectivity solutions UAE.

As a leading IP solution provider in UAE, the benefits you get from our remote connectivity solutions are

  • Easy to manage solutions at affordable rate
  • Improve office connectivity thus saving a lot on the business calls
  • Allow you to make calls outside business from your business telephone.
  • Make international calls at low rates
  • Helps to improve the business productivity and profitability
  • Easy to manage solution with advanced IP calling features
  • Solutions with the leading telephone systems such as the Avaya IP PBX, Grandstream IP PBX, Yeastar MyPBX and more

With the development of communication systems, there occurs a change in the way the businesses are being communicated. Companies are extremely accepting the idea of implementing flexible workforce options. The VOIP technology really has changed the facet of communication; it provides business all flexibility, reduces the communication expense to a greater extent, adds more extensions as the business grows, gives the option for employees to work remotely and so on. Businesses looking for employing the remote office connectivity solutions in UAE can take advantage of Office PBX Dubai. Our solutions are highly secured and advanced, therefore you do not need to worry about the data security.

Telephone systems that empower your business

We deal with the leading telephone systems in the world. Some of the systems and its benefits are listed below.

Avaya telephone systems: You can improve your business growth and the communication set up with the Avaya telephone systems Dubai. Enterprise users can experience the telephony, messaging, unified communications, conferencing and video all in a single Avaya IP Office platform. The advantages of Avaya telephone system Dubai make it powerful for the medium to large business environment.

Yeastar systems: Investing in Yeastar telephone systems is ideal for your business to gain multiple advantages. Yeastar IP PBX systems and VOIP gateways have been designed to provide cost effective solutions to all kind of business environments. The highlights of Yeastar Dubai is the advantages it delivers to its customers.

Grandstream telephone systems: Grandstream telephone systems are best suited for businesses of all kinds and sizes. Grandstream IP PBX systems deliver exceptional telephony functionalities that connect the business in a better way. With the wide range of features and functionalities, these systems extend a perfect solution for your business.

Solutions from the leader in IP telephony UAE

We are considered as a prominent service provider in the domain of IP telephony in Dubai. The customer-centric approach delivering quality IP solutions including remote office connectivity across the business of all sizes made us famous in UAE. We provide IP solutions to many business verticals with the leading systems. The range of services we provide includes designing and installation of IP PBX systems, IP phones, Video conferencing, Audio conferencing solution and wireless phone systems. Today most of the businesses are a part over an IP network that ties together with Voice, Data and other unified communication systems. With our IP solutions Dubai, we help you to achieve your business communication goals in an effective way. We have our service functioning in the regions of Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Fujairah and Ajman.