Digium Dubai

Telephone systems are the lifeline of any business. It is important to upgrade the communication set up with the advanced telephone systems as the technology progress. VOIP technology enabled the business to experience the benefits of advanced telephony features and the cost effective communication. A Positive reaction of the enterprises from the IP-based solutions strengthened major communication brands to come with the innovative telephony features in their systems. These systems have a greater role in developing the right kind of infrastructure that produces expected results. Business in cities, mostly in Dubai need to be expanded with the right kind of IP systems. Here comes the importance of Office PBX Dubai the leading IP telephony provider in Dubai.

Making perfect communication solution with the Digium Dubai

Office PBX Dubai is specialized in developing complete phone systems with the well-known Digium telephone system. Digium has the reputation as the developer of asterisk software – widely used open source communication platform. The company has the tradition of creating solutions based on asterisk software that empowered many businesses to meet their communication requirements.

We are dedicated in planning, designing and installation of Digium systems to the wide range of industries. In the developing communication scenario, it is worth to invest in the Digium communication systems Dubai. Digium provides a wide range of telephone solutions and systems to boost the business infrastructure. It comprises of business phone systems, IP phones, VOIP gateway and so on. As a telephony provider in Dubai, we provide business phone systems, VOIP gateway solutions and IP Phones.

Digium Dubai

Digium Telephone System

Built on state of the art technology -Asterisk, switchvox is a sophisticated IP PBX that provide really great Unified communication solutions, mobility applications and other advanced calling features at low cost. We can provide this solution as hosted IP PBX or Onsite IP PBX. With the leading functionalities, it is an effective solution for small and medium businesses. It has been designed to deliver best phone solutions to the business. Some of the features include

  • Call on hold
  • Transfer incoming calls to extensions
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Intercom with switchvox extensions
  • Video Chat facility
  • Screen sharing facility with Switchvox users
  • Visual voice mail

Digium VOIP phones

The IP phones are specifically designed for the Asterisk-based phone systems. Digium IP Phones comprises of features including High definition Voice and plug and play installation. These phones are available at a friendly budget. The Digium IP phones employ free and open Application programming interface. These IP phones extend the benefits of Asterisk software to the business. Digium IP phones Dubai are easy to use and support CRM integration, social media integrations and all.

Some of the IP phones consists of D65 IP phone, D62 IP phone and D60 IP phone.

Digium VOIP gateways

Digium VOIP gateway Dubai enables to business to make a connection between the traditional telephony connection and the VOIP connection using Session Initial Protocol (SIP). Digium VOIP gateways greatly reduce the operating costs by connecting the telephone system with the SIP trunk. These gateways are easy to install and use.

As a skilled IP telephony provider, we also involve with the leading branded systems such as the Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, Sangoma, Yeastar, Yealink and Grandstream.

Accepting the change in the communication set up

Business is in the path of embracing advanced systems to strengthen the communication process. Getting right solutions with the proper telephone systems will bring added benefits to the enterprises. It reduces the communication costs, long distance calls made possible, reduce the risks associated with communication and so. As an important provider, we are adept at bringing all kind of IP solutions that take your business to new heights.

Reliable communication at an affordable price

If you are serious about implementing advanced telephone systems for your business in Dubai, we have acceptable solutions with the Digium telephone systems Dubai. These systems maintain a stronghold on the communication set up. As a solution provider, we are good at providing all IP solutions across UAE. Not only have we provide IP telephony solutions, we are specialized in providing video conferencing solutions and unified communications as well. Our services are available in the regions of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Fujairah and Ajman as well. Get in touch with us to know better about our IP solutions and systems.