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Call Center Dubai

You manage a call center or contacts and you need a solution simple phone, scalable and cost? With our solutions optimize the management of your telephone fleet and increase customer satisfaction!

Is your call center helping to create happy customers? Do you need more advanced features to improve customer service, control, better reports, and greater staffing flexibility? We can help.

Office Pbx Dubai offers solutions that provide a flexible call recording, evaluation, and archive solution designed to facilitate compliance, reduce risk, increase process efficiencies, and enhance customer service. With hundreds of successful implementations, we assist call centers to optimize quality of service, minimize liability, and improve operational effectiveness with powerful functionality.

Call Center Solution DubaiHandling Direct Call Efficiently

Empower agents to provide superior service

Automatic call distributor (ACD)

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Skills-based routing

Effectively Manage Call queues

Automatic screen pop up

Business tools integration

What Is Call Center

As far as the business is concerned, the customer communication is vital. Business might have different number of departments that makes relevant and respective communication with customers. In a large environment, the lack of proper solutions can cause hefty loss to the business – often it drives the department to work for long time. Not only it causes the workload exhausting, it’s a financial overhead for the business as well. A call center solution can help your business to get rid of such pitches.

Present day, it is much important for your business to achieve the sales efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction. It extremely offers the client an improved level of service with regards to the service or product. In a business scenario, all the departments including the technical can have the call center for the streamlining the communication among the customers.

Call Center Solutions

For the business that is concentrated to providing technology solutions to the customers, it is worth to have a perfect technical support center /call center to handle all the technical related issues of the clients. Since it extend the advantages of a company’s operation process. Though variety of solutions are available such as the emails, phone contact, web forms etc…, todays call center is going far beyond its operational excellence. The technical support team help find the solutions through the use of sophisticated tools and software to the related problems that clients face when using a product or service.

Irrespective of the ways in which the interactions are being carried out, some companies want the personalized, effective and secured approach for their operations. And here comes the importance of experienced service providers that offer call center solutions, regardless of the business size. They empower the business to capture and analyze client communications across multiple channels, then use this data to discover the trends and to optimize the customer experience in a better level.

The call center solutions can be effectively used to address wide range of functions and that includes

  • Effective management of the customer related issues
  • Providing proper support to technical and non-technical issues the customers facing
  • Performance and workforce management
  • Optimization of the work flow
  • Support learning

Since all these functionalities come under one roof, the call center can deliver the business a greater value than the individual service. For the most, the business can experience an effective solution in terms of cost and productiveness.

Call center solutions – a brilliant idea for a greater experience.

If you have been decided to implement the call center for your business, it will be good to depend on the experienced call center solution providers in Dubai. With the proper call center solutions, the business can go beyond the expected level of productivity and profitability. The inputs being received from the various problems can be used to keep on your business on the top. With proper solutions, the business can push the engagement with customers so as to gain productivity across technical and non-technical departments.

Last but not least, call center solution is a brilliant approach in which the business can enhance the customer-company relationships in a greater level.

QueueMetrics Dubai

QueueMetrics Call Center Solution

QueueMetrics Call Center Solution

QueueMetrics is a highly scalable monitoring and reporting suite that addresses the needs of thousands of contact centers worldwide and offers a broad range of integrated Benefits. Queue metrics is an industrial grade call center monitoring and reporting system. QueueMetrics can grow with your Organisation expand up to 1000 agents.You can track the live status of queues, outbound campaigns, Track live calls, manage agents and push message to agents.