QueueMetrics Call Center Solution

QueueMetrics Call Center Solution

QueueMetrics is a highly scalable monitoring and reporting suite that addresses the needs of thousands of contact centers worldwide and offers a broad range of integrated Benefits. Queue metrics is an industrial grade call center monitoring and reporting system. QueueMetrics can grow with your Organisation expand up to 1000 agents.You can track the live status of queues, outbound campaigns, Track live calls, manage agents and push message to agents.


QueueMetrics Call Center Solution

Operations Managers can:

  • See accurate reports of all call center activities.
  • Run reports by single and by user-created queue groups.
  • Measure agents activities, business targets and conversion rates.
  • Fully configure security and privacy, queue-by-queue.

Team Leaders can:

  • Create real-time call and agent reporting.
  • See agent status and real-­time activities.
  • Remotely listen to live calls as they are handled.
  • Watch agent screens through a VNC client.

Agents can:

  • See the calls they’re handling and integrate with external CRM.
  • Pass data gathered from IVR menus or Caller­ID.
  • Set call status codes for all inbound and outbound traffic.
  • Log­on, log­off, go on pause and set pause reason codes.

IT Managers can:

  • Support single-server or Asterisk® clusters.
  • Support database and flat-file storage.
  • Tune Asterisk® interaction to minimize the load on the Asterisk® server.
  • Avoid patching or changing an existing Asterisk® installation.

QueueMetrics Features

  • Supports unlimited agents, queues and campaigns.
  • Control clusters of Asterisk servers as a single virtual server.
  • Compatible with any Asterisk version and configuration.
  • Compatible with Trixbox, Elastix and FreePBX.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • Compute over 150 metrics for calls, traffic, sessions.
  • Single and multiple reporting for queues/campaigns.
  • Weekly activity breakdown in days, hours.
  • Measure business targets against SLAs.
  • Measure staff performance on ACD/non­ACD activities.
  • Customizable QA forms for live/recorded call grading.
  • Complete performance reports by agent and by queue.
  • Listen to live/recorded calls also on multi­server setups.
  • Export reporting data to MS Excel, CVS, XML.
  • Detailed real­time activity reporting with definable alarms.
  • Listen to live calls remotely.
  • Available real­time Wallboard mode.
  • View agent screens via VNC screen­sharing server.
  • Restricted Visitor mode for external inspection.
  • Add/remove agents directly from Administrator screen.
  • Available extension module Agent Awareness
  • Integrated WebRTC Softphone
  • QueueMetrics Icon Agent Page, the innovative and minimalistic interface where agents can operate all their call-center functions with only one control icon