Avaya B179 Conference Phone

Avaya B179 Conference Phone

The Avaya B179 phone is the perfect complement to a conference room. The B179 model is the largest capacity in the series, for groups of 10 or more people, and allows you to purchase up to 4 additional microphones to expand the number of participants and the space available for the conference.

Additionally, you can record calls in SD card, support power via PoE, and is compatible with Avaya IP Office, Avaya Aura, or any system compatible with SIP 2.0 and Asterisk.


Avaya B179 Dubai


The audio conference phone Avaya B179 is perfect for medium to large rooms conference. Thanks to the safe disposal of annoying background noise and its excellent sound quality, you can make phone meetings also in large groups of up to ten people without any problem when understood. Three speakers, equipped with audio full duplex wideband (7 kHz, codec G.722) shall ensure that the sound is balanced and of good quality.

Here come into play the advantages of either Avaya phones: maximum security and voice quality combined with many other features. The sensational design Avaya B179 is perfectly suited to any VoIP infrastructure and make it the center of attention in your living room.

Includes Ethernet cable, power supply and 2Gb SD card for recording.

Compatible with standard SIP systems.

It can be used with Avaya IP Office 500 or 500 V2 with version 6.0 or 6.1 of the software, consuming 1-user license No Avaya IP. It can also be used with Avaya IP Office 500 or 500 V2 version 7.0 or higher software and user need 1 license to run Avaya IP.

With versions 6 and 7 of Avaya IP Office software supports G.729 and G.711 codecs.

With Avaya IP Office version 8 or higher can also be used with G.722 wideband codec ensures better sound quality.


  • Sound technology OmniSound┬« Full duplex broadband
  • Management of up to 4 external participants
  • Within range of the recording: up to 30 m2 or 10 participants
  • Possibility to connect additional microphones to increase your range of recording
  • Includes power supply, Ethernet cable and 2GB SD Card
  • Several SIP registrations
  • Quality wideband codec G.722 to 64 Kb.
  • Security: OpenVPN, SIPS / SRTP, TLS, SIP RFC3261
  • NAT Traversal: STUN, ICE