Panasonic NS1000

Panasonic NS1000 IP Pbx

The Panasonic KX-NS1000 Business Communication Platform is not just your ordinary phone system. It has been developed to address the needs and demands of business life in a highly networked world – where the internet is giving business the power to communicate like never before. Panasonic have used their winning formula and created a new IP based solution that is incredibly feature rich and completely unifies all aspects of office life.


Panasonic NS1000 Total VoIP Office Communications Platform

You can now take advantage of all forms of VoIP – SIP, IP-Gateways, Modile Integration, Voicemail & Fax to email, ACD Reports, Call Centre applications, Wireless IP DECT Mobiles, Conference Bridge Solutions plus much more. All this is offered in a compact and stylish format that will appeal to any user and impress any customer.

The main unit Panasonic KX-NS1000 contains a motherboard with dual-core processor, controls the operation of the system itself. The  IP-server that implements the communication protocols via VoIP-SIP, H.323, and others. And CTI-server application.Panasonic KX-NS1000 is ideal for corporate networking.In this case, one station becomes master, which manages other.Similarly, the telecommunications space are scaled to the global system, with up to 16 separate divisions. Moreover, a single database management of such networks creates the appearance of a single station, as if employees were connected to a PBX.Program and configure the entire network can be a single point.One of the advantages of the model is the  complex presets,that allows for quick commissioning PBX.In fact, Panasonic KX-NS1000 is the ideal tool for a smooth transition from traditional telephony to IP wired telecommunications infrastructure.

System Capacity

  • Max. number of external lines 256 (600)
  • H.323 external lines 48 (96)
  • External SIP lines 256 (256)
  • Physical Trunk 30 (480)
  • Max. Number of Extensions 640 (1000)
  • IP-PT and IP Softphone 128 (1000)
  • SIP-phone 640 (1000)
  • Physical Extension 2 (32)

External devices

  • Mack. number of telephone 640 (1000)
  • Analog SLT 2 (32)
  • IP-Proprietary Telephone 128 (1000)
  • SIP-phone 640 (1000)
  • IP-CS (8-channel) 64 (128)
  • DECT PS 512 (512)
  • Intercom / door lock / sensor 1 (16)

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