Nec Pbx

NEC SV8100 Pbx System

The NEC SV8100 Communications Server  paves new ways to generate revenues and improve access for Users, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This completely new NEC platform  placing the employees really in the center of the communication. Regardless of whether you have a SMB, or Enterprise, the SV8100 Communications Server is the ideal system that gradually grows with your business grows. This is a powerful, robust solution with many functions that can be now or later equipped with the communications capabilities you need. It is Designed for next-generation open standard practices. Also the NEC SV8100 system provides the ability to install advanced applications.


Your staff is key in communicating with NEC SV8100

Within organizations today is communicated in many ways. Via desk phones, mobile handsets, mobile phones, PDAs, softphones and applications communicate your employees and with your customers. They do this on their hard work but also flexible workstations and go. At the same time communications and information technology are linked to a good approximation of your customers. By integrating all the communication capabilities and make your employees central to all communication to improve your customer satisfaction.

The NEC SV8100 is the total solution for your communication. Whether your organization is a small or medium, the SV8100 Communications Server is the ideal operating system that gradually grows with your business. This powerful, robust solution with its many functions can be now or later equipped with the communications capabilities you need.Designed for next-generation open standard system offers companies the opportunity to install advanced applications.

Designed to be both versatile and expandable, the SV8100 supports TDM, IP, video, wired and wireless communications. Welcome functions, voice mail and automatic call distribution (ACD) are integrated into the solution, and these functions along with many other powerful features are shared transparently between different departments or offices in other locations.

With the wide range of opportunities NEC Taking digital and IP phones to a new level. The modular design for every workplace is placing an appropriate device. Later, you can easily have a key module or a display module exchange for another module without having to buy a whole new unit.

  • Digital telephony, combined with DECT, DECT / IP, and VoIP telephony system
  • Integration with analog, ISDN or VoIP lines of communication
  • Integration with software applications (Microsoft Exhange / Outlook, all TAPI-compatible systems)
  • Eigen call-management software (Univerge 360)
  • Full programming for own needs (day / night situations, automated attendant, …)
  • Voicemail
  • Integration with intercom, GSM, even CCTV
  • Professional 19 “rack version for integration into server / patch cabinet
  • Integration with other SV8100 or Aspire PABX 1 total virtual switchboard, located on different sites.

NEC SME telephony solutions with the SV8100: IP telephony

IP telephony is now the norm with cost reduction and increased flexibility as big pluses. After the big companies was shown that this promising advantages reality, wants SMEs not miss this boat. Integrated communication, easy migrations, additional modules and modifications with increased mobility all play a role.The SV8100 supports IP telephony, but is also compatible with existing network placed in PBXs, devices and protocols, allowing the customer to desire immediately or gradually migrate to IP.