IP Telephony System from world class brands. Products include Cisco, Avaya, Nec, Panasonic, Dlink, Grandstream, Zycoo, Samsung, LG , Nec & Huawei

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Avaya IP500 Dubai

Avaya Pbx Dubai

Avaya Telephone System

Simple, powerful communication solutions for small and medium sized business. Successful companies are always looking for ways to do more with less.Avaya IP Office 500 has a modular, flexible design. Its four universal slots let you customize solutions with a range of interface cards.Existing IP Office users can take advantage of new benefits by easily and cost effectively migrating to IP Office 500.The Avaya IP Office 500 communications server is a communication system which is modular. This communication system can be extended according to your requirement with both IP system , analogue or digital  telephones.

Grandstream GXE-5024 IP PBX

Grandstream Pbx GXE-5024

GrandStream GXE-5024 IP PBX

Grandstream GXE-5024: advanced IP PBX with 4 x FXO and 2 x FXS  .All-in-one IP-PBX alternative for Asterisk and Trixbox


Grandstream UCM6510

Grandstream UCM6510 IP Pbx

Grandstream IP Pbx UCM6510

A business IP PBX with no additional licensing fees Voice, Data, Video and Mobility brings together with minimal financial investment.

NEC SV8100 Pbx

Nec Pbx

NEC SV8100 Pbx System

The NEC SV8100 Communications Server  paves new ways to generate revenues and improve access for Users, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This completely new NEC platform  placing the employees really in the center of the communication. Regardless of whether you have a SMB, or Enterprise, the SV8100 Communications Server is the ideal system that gradually grows with your business grows. This is a powerful, robust solution with many functions that can be now or later equipped with the communications capabilities you need. It is Designed for next-generation open standard practices. Also the NEC SV8100 system provides the ability to install advanced applications.

Nec SL-1000

NEC SL1000

NEC SL1000

NEC SL1000 Smart Communication Server is an IP enabled intelligent hybrid system. It is designed to accommodate small and medium enterprise (SME). It is the most cost effective and affordable for expanding small and medium businesses. The basic system is equipped with 4 trunk lines 8 extensions and expandable up to 48 trunk lines 128 extensions

Panasonic kX-TES824

Panasonic KX-TES824

Panasonic KX-TES824

Panasonic  kX-TES824 is a Advanced Hybrid Pabx with support up to 8 Lines and 24 Extension Phones. Support DISA (Direct Inward System Access) allows callers from outside to gain access to any inside line without the need for operator assistance. Automatic welcome messages can be recorded by the operator or manager, directing the call to the appropriate department or employee. The system is smart enough to be able to detect incoming fax calls – directing them automatically to a designated internal line which is connected to the unit.


Panasonic NS1000

Panasonic NS1000 IP Pbx

The Panasonic KX-NS1000 Business Communication Platform is not just your ordinary phone system. It has been developed to address the needs and demands of business life in a highly networked world – where the internet is giving business the power to communicate like never before. Panasonic have used their winning formula and created a new IP based solution that is incredibly feature rich and completely unifies all aspects of office life.


Panasonic NS500

The new platform from Panasonic – IP PBX Panasonic KX-NS500 .The new generation IP Pbx to replace the existing flagship Models . Panasonic KX-NS500 – station, which combines the physical capacity of the average exchange (Series KX-TDA100 / 200, KX- TDE100/ TDE200 and KX-TDA100D ).

QueueMetrics Dubai

QueueMetrics Call Center Solution

QueueMetrics Call Center Solution

QueueMetrics is a highly scalable monitoring and reporting suite that addresses the needs of thousands of contact centers worldwide and offers a broad range of integrated Benefits. Queue metrics is an industrial grade call center monitoring and reporting system. QueueMetrics can grow with your Organisation expand up to 1000 agents.You can track the live status of queues, outbound campaigns, Track live calls, manage agents and push message to agents.


Samsung OfficeServ 7200

Samsung OfficeServ 7200

New generation IP platform OfficeServ 7200, wired and wireless communications for medium-sized enterprises. Businesses mixed telephony applications that can be installed easily with the OfficeServ 7200, secure information exchange, will have a high-performance system-managed access rules. for your business with a wide range of functions that include OfficeServ 7200 is an economic and a complete solution.

Samsung OfficeServ 7030

Samsung OS7030

Samsung OfficeServ 7030

Big Features, Small Budget

The agility and responsiveness of small businesses is a major competitive advantage. However, technology and professional support tools that enable people to communicate and collaborate efficiently are often priced beyond what is cost-effective and viable for smaller companies. But now, even the smallest business can afford the same sophisticated communications technology normally only enjoyed by large companies – configured to suit small company productivity, flexibility and budget requirements.

Sangoma Pbx

Sangoma FreePBX Phone System 50

Sangoma FreePBX Phone System 50

Sangoma FreePBX Phone System 50 – 50 users or 25 calls The Sangoma FreePBX Phone System 50 – 50 users or 25 calls is the world’s most trusted open source platform for building the PBX of your dreams. At its core, it is an open source web-based graphical user and configuration file writer that empowers companies that use Asterisk® PBX software to save time making writing your own dial plans and confi guration files much easier and letting you focus on other aspects of setup of your VoIP communications system.


Yeastar Mypbx Soho

Yeastar Mypbx Soho

Yeastar Mypbx Soho

Yeastar Mypbx Soho is Ideal for small offices and businesses with fewer than 32 users, MyPBX SOHO is an affordable, yet fully-featured embedded hybrid IP PBX with ISDN BRI and PSTN connectivity, providing a cost-effective solution for your business.

Mypbx Standard

Yeastar Mypbx Standard

Yeastar Mypbx Standard

Yeastar MyPBX Standard is a PBX for SMB enterprises and branch offices of large companies. The device is able to handle from 2 to 100 members. MyPBX is a combination of traditional telephony and VoIP solutions, ideal for businesses that are not yet ready to completely migrate this IP world. Try it now and enjoy the benefits of the IP world.

Mypbx U100

Yeastar Mypbx U100

Yeastar MyPbx U100

The Yeastar myPBX U100 is a medium-PBX with extensive possibilities. It has the ability to  message queues, voicemail on extensions, conference rooms and create menus / IVRS. All through a user friendly web interface. In addition, the telephone has the standard features such as follow-me, call forwarding, call waiting function, DND, T.38 support, etc. Also, the has  a firewall and WAN port that can be  connect directly with Internet. By default, the telephone designed for use with SIP trunks and VoIP phones. If you have  analog CO lines, analog telephones or ISDN lines it can be use   by means of plug-in modules.


Yeastar MyPbx U500

Yeastar MyPbx U500 IP Pbx

Yeastar MyPBX U500 features 16 telephone ports to the PSTN, ISDN BRI connections and GSM / UMTS. Supports up to 80 simultaneous calls and up to 500 users. The combination of traditional network enables the company to protect its previous investments, while taking advantage of cost savings and a full set of VoIP.